Programs APIs feature information about episodes, specials, and movies on TV.  Use program IDs found in schedule data (lineup airings and station airings) to retrieve this program-specific information:

  • Program search - get program IDs and basic metadata based on searches by title, description, and other fields
  • Program details - get program descriptions, along with cast, crew, and awards information
  • Program airings - get up to two weeks of scheduled airings for a specific program
  • New shows airing by day - get information about new shows appearing on TV
  • New shows that aired in last week - get information about original programming viewers may have missed
  • Advance planner - get advance program data about special TV events in categories such as Holiday, Sports Events, and Specials
  • Program images - get program images, including TV banner, program logo, and cast images
  • Program genres - get list of available genres for use in program search method