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International lineups

Gracenote now offers TV schedule data via OnConnect APIs for over 40 countries. We've recently expanded our reach to Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. To find linear schedule data in the geographic areas covered below, first use Find Lineups by Postal Code to get a list of lineupIds for a specific broadcast area. Then, for any lineupId, use Lineup Airings (TV Grid) to retrieve a full station/program listing, or Lineup Channel Listing for a list of station identifiers.

Finding a lineup requires a country code and postal code.  The available countries are listed below, along with sample postal codes.  For countries which have no postal codes, postal code should be specified as 2-letter country code shown below; note that this will be migrated to match the 3-letter country code abbreviation in the near future.  Countries with only a single postal code are also noted below.  For other countries, any valid postal code can be specified in basic format (without postal code extensions); samples are shown below to illustrate valid format.

Country Codes with sample postal codes

Region Country Sample postal code
North America
USA United States 78701
CAN Canada K1P5W1
AUS Australia 2000
AUT Austria 6886
BEL Belgium 2018
CHE Switzerland 3303
DEU Germany 14050
DNK Denmark 9260
ESP Spain 28001
FIN Finland 91980
FRA France 38800
GBR United Kingdom CF31
IRL Ireland D01
ITA Italy 50131
NLD The Netherlands 1018
NOR Norway 1181
POL Poland 00-008
SWE Sweden 111 21
Latin America
ARG Argentina A4190
BLZ Belize* BZ
BRA Brazil 01419
CHL Chile 1000000
COL Colombia*** CO
CRI Costa Rica 10101
ECU Ecuador 170950
GTM Guatemala 01001
GUY Guyana* GY
HND Honduras* HN
MEX Mexico 41701
PAN Panama* PA
PER Peru 23006
URY Uruguay 11000
VEN Venezuela 1010
AIA Anguilla** AI-2640
ATG Antigua/Barbuda* AG
ABW Aruba* AW
BHS Bahamas* BS
BRB Barbados BB14001
BMU Bermuda CR01
BES Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius* BQ
VGB British Virgin Islands VG1110
CYM Cayman Islands KY1-0001
CUW Curacao* CW
DMA Dominica* DM
DOM Dominican Republic 10101
GRD Grenada* GD
JAM Jamaica JMAAW01
PRI Puerto Rico 00601
MAF Saint Martin** 97150
VCT Saint Vincent/Grenadines VC0100
KNA St. Kitts and Nevis* KN
LCA St. Lucia* LC
TTO Trinidad and Tobago* TT
TCA Turks and Caicos** TKCA1ZZ

*   Countries for which 2-letter country code is used in place of postal code.
**  Countries with single valid postal code, shown here.
*** Colombian lineups are currently listed together under 2-letter country code, but will be modified in near future to separate geographic regions in Colombia using postal codes or other geographic distinction.