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Lineups by postal code


Returns information about television providers and channel lineups available in a specific geographic area. Current coverage includes USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Caribbean countries. Lineup details include information about service providers, service type, and location.

For additional details on response fields, see Lineup Metadata.

Request Parameters






Country abbreviation for provider location. Follows ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 standard. If not provided, defaults to USA.
Valid country values are as shown below.
postalCode Yes Postal code identifying geographic area of service
See International Lineups for sample postal codes by country
api_key Yes 24-character key obtained during application registration

Response Body



type type of service (e.g., Cable, Satellite, MVPD, OTA)
lineupId alphanumeric id which can be used to specify lineup in other API calls
name name of provider and service (e.g., Comast NE Chicago - Digital (Chicago) )
device service provider designation for device type
location city name for service area; this field also appended to name (in parentheses)
mso multi-system operator (cable or satellite provider), will not be present for small or independent providers; can be used for grouping lineups in display
   id numeric MSO (multi-system operator) id
   name MSO name

Country codes available for lineups

North America
  • USA (United States)
  • CAN (Canada)


  • AUS (Austrialia)
  • AUT (Austria)
  • BEL (Belgium
  • CHE (Switzerland)
  • DEU (Germany)
  • DNK (Denmark)
  • ESP (Spain)
  • FIN (Finland)
  • FRA (France)
  • GBR (United Kingdom)
  • IRL (Ireland)
  • ITA (Italy)
  • NLD (The Netherlands)
  • NOR (Norway)
  • POL (Poland)
  • SWE (Sweden)
Latin America
  • ARG (Argentina)
  • BLZ (Belize)
  • BRA (Brazil)
  • CHL (Chile)
  • COL (Colombia)
  • CRI (Costa Rica)
  • ECU (Ecuador)
  • GTM (Guatemala)
  • GUY (Guyana)
  • HND (Honduras)
  • MEX (Mexico)
  • PAN (Panama)
  • PER (Peru)
  • URY (Uruguay)
  • VEN (Venezuela)
  • AIA (Anguilla)
  • ATG (Antigua/Barbuda)
  • ABW (Aruba)
  • BHS (Bahamas)
  • BRB (Barbados)
  • BMU (Bermuda)
  • BES (Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius)
  • VGB (British Virgin Islands)
  • CYM (Cayman Islands)
  • CUW (Curacao)
  • DMA (Dominica)
  • DOM (Dominican Republic)
  • GRD (Grenada)
  • JAM (Jamaica)
  • PRI (Puerto Rico)
  • MAF (Saint Martin)
  • VCT (Saint Vincent/Grenadines)
  • KNA (St. Kitts)
  • LCA (St. Lucia)
  • TTO (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • TCA (Turks and Caicos)

Sample Request 1

Return all available lineups in US postal code 27713.


Sample Request 2

Return all available lineups in UK postal code OX 1.


Sample Response 1

    "lineupId": "USA-OTA27713", 
    "name": "Local Over the Air Broadcast", 
    "type": "OTA"
    "device": "X", 
    "lineupId": "USA-NC67566-X", 
    "location": "Cary", 
    "mso": {
      "id": "17304", 
      "name": "AT&T U-verse TV"
    "name": "AT&T U-verse TV Digital", 
    "type": "CABLE"
    "device": "DEFAULT", 
    "lineupId": "USA-NC66712-DEFAULT", 
    "location": "Durham", 
    "name": "Campus Crossing Durham - Cable", 
    "type": "CABLE"
    "device": "DEFAULT", 
    "lineupId": "USA-DITV560-DEFAULT", 
    "location": "Raleigh", 
    "mso": {
      "id": "17580", 
      "name": "DIRECTV"
    "name": "DIRECTV Raleigh - Satellite", 
    "type": "SATELLITE"
    "device": "DEFAULT", 
    "lineupId": "USA-NC32461-DEFAULT", 
    "location": "Durham", 
    "mso": {
      "id": "08670", 
      "name": "Time Warner Cable"
    "name": "Time Warner Cable - Cable", 
    "type": "CABLE"
    "device": "DEFAULT", 
    "lineupId": "USA-DITV-DEFAULT", 
    "location": "USA", 
    "mso": {
      "id": "17580", 
      "name": "DIRECTV"
    "name": "DIRECTV - Satellite", 
    "type": "SATELLITE"
  ... additional lineups ... 

Sample Response 2

    "name":"Virgin Media Oxford Digital",
      "name":"Virgin Media"
    "name":"Freeview - Central (South) - Cable",