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Single Image

Sample API Call

Returns a celebrity image at the following path <celebs/v2/AllPhotos/100/100_v8_ba.jpg> with a height parameter of 200 pixels.


GET /<hostServer>/<location>?<RequestParameters>

Input Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory?
hostServer <string> for Sample Plan users - developer.tmsimg.com;
for production customers, custom sub-domain
location <string> Directory structure and filename as specified in On products Yes
w <string> Width, in pixels; image will be resized to this width No
h <string> Height, in pixels; image will be resized to this height; ignored if width also specified No
api_key <string> 24 character alphanumeric code you received when you registered your application Yes

Sample Request

GET http://developer.tmsimg.com/celebs/v3/AllPhotos/100/100_v3_ba.jpg?api_key=1234567890&h=200


<img src="http://developer.tmsimg.com/celebs/v3/AllPhotos/100/100_v3_ba.jpg?api_key=1234567890&amp;h=200">