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Teams by university


Returns a listing of all or specified universities, with optional to return associated team information. This API is used as a reference to obtain university IDs and team IDs for use in other sports APIs.

Response data will be sorted alphabetically by university name.

Request Parameters




universityId Yes Specify 'all' for listing of all available universities
Specify comma-delimited list of universityIds for lookup of specific university teams
includeTeam No Boolean indicating whether to include sport team metadata.
Valid values are true, false.
Defaults to false.
imageSize No Requested size of image returned in preferredImage URI.
Valid values are: Sm, Md, Lg, Ms. See Image Sizing for details.
If not specified, defaults to Md.
If requested image size is not available, generic image will be returned.



24-character key obtained during application registration

Response Body



teamBrandId Resource identifier for team; if includeTeam=true
teamID For linking of cross reference purpose
teamBrandName Team name; if includeTeam=true
university University metadata
universityId Resource identifier for university
universityName University name
abbreviation Team abbreviation; if includeTeam=true
sportsId Resource identifier for team's sport; if includeTeam=true
preferredImage Team logo, if available; see Image Metadata for details; if includeTeam=true

Sample Request


Sample Response

    "teamBrandId": "559",
    "teamId": "559",
    "teamBrandName": "Drexel",
    "university": {
      "universityId": "73",
      "universityName": "Drexel"
    "abbreviation": "DRXL",
    "nickName": "Dragons",
    "properName": "Drexel",
    "sportsId": "59",
    "preferredImage": {
      "uri": "sportslogos/h3/AllPhotos/73/u73_l_h3_aa.png",
      "height": "270",
      "width": "360",
      "primary": "true",
      "category": "Logo"
  ... additional teams ...