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API Explorer

Test Gracenote APIs using API Explorer.

  • Select the API you want to explore from the dropdown menu below.
  • Locate the method to test and enter test parameters.
  • Enter (or select) your Gracenote API Key.
  • Click the Try It! button to test the API and review the results.
  • Select an Interactive Documentation
  • Audio on Demand API
  • Global Music Data (GMD) API V2.0
  • Global Music Data (GMD) API V3.0 Beta
  • OnConnect Lookup APIs
  • Online Video and Social APIs

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Online Video Data offers curated links to thousands of online videos, thoroughly indexed and synced to TMS Unique IDs. Online Social Data provides links to metadata and social media resources for thousands of movies and TV programs, verified for accuracy and matched to TMS Unique IDs.

Manually provide key information

  • Public Plan Methods

  • Lineups

  • Stations

  • Programs

  • Series

  • Movies on TV

  • Movies in Theatres

  • Sports

  • Celebrities

  • Online Video Methods

  • Online Social Methods