Lineup Metadata

Field / object Type Notes
type string

type of service (e.g., CABLE, SATELLITE, OTA)

Available lineup types:

  • Cable: provider lineup delivered via Cable
  • Satellite: provider lineup delivered via Satellite
  • OTA: provider lineup delivered over the air / terrestrial
  • IPTV:  provider lineup delivered over the internet via a privately-managed network
  • vMVPD: provider lineup delivered over the open internet, also referred to as Streaming lineups
  • Virtual: Gracenote provides a set of two virtual lineups for a subset of countries in OnConnect:
    • a) The virtual country lineup (lineup name = country name) represents the most watched channels in the country based on market share 
    • b) The extended country lineup (lineup name = country name + "(extended)" in local language) represents a superset of all channels included in lineups of any other lineup type for the given country
  • Timezone:  Gracenote provides a set of default channel lineups for US and Canadian timezones. These provide a collection of common stations, and can be used to get scheduling information without prompting users for postal code or a choice of cable/satellite providers. Around 110 stations are included in the US timezone lineup, and around 90 stations in Canada's timezone lineup. These lineup ids can be used to retrieve TV schedule information specific to each timezone.
lineupId string alphanumeric id which can be used to specify lineup in other API calls
name string name of provider and service (e.g., Comcast)
device string service provider designation for device type;
some common device types:
  • A: Cable A lineup
  • B: Cable B lineup
  • D: Rebuild
  • F: D device cable ready and non-addressable for D
  • L: Digital Rebuild
  • R: Cable-ready TV sets (non-rebuild)
  • U: Cable-ready TV sets with Cable A
  • V: Cable-ready TV sets with Cable B
  • X: Digital Non-rebuild
  • DEFAULT: Standard
location string location of headend, usually state or city name; for national lineups, location will be set to country name
mso object

multi-system operator, will not be present for small or independent providers and lineups with the type "Virtual" or "Timezone"

 id string

numeric MSO (multi-system operator) id

 name string

MSO name


  "type": "CABLE",
  "device": "X",
  "lineupId": "USA-CA66511-X",
  "name": "AT&T U-verse TV",
  "location": "Los Angeles",
  "mso": {
    "id": "17304",
    "name": "AT&T U-verse TV"