Lineup Metadata

Field / object Type Notes
type string type of service (e.g., CABLE, SATELLITE, OTA)
lineupId string alphanumeric id which can be used to specify lineup in other API calls
name string name of provider and service (e.g., Comast NE Chicago - Cable)
device string service provider designation for device type;
some common device types:
  • A: Cable A lineup
  • B: Cable B lineup
  • D: Rebuild
  • F: D device cable ready and non-addressable for D
  • L: Digital Rebuild
  • R: Cable-ready TV sets (non-rebuild)
  • U: Cable-ready TV sets with Cable A
  • V: Cable-ready TV sets with Cable B
  • X: Digital Non-rebuild
  • DEFAULT: Standard
location string location of headend, usually city name; for national lineups, location will be set to country name;
note in v1.1, this is no longer appended to lineup name in parentheses
mso object

multi-system operator (cable or satellite provider), will not be present for small or independent providers

   id string

numeric MSO (multi-system operator) id

   name string

MSO name


  "type": "CABLE",
  "device": "Digital Non-rebuild", 
  "lineupId": "USA-IL53277-X", 
  "name": "Comcast Chicago Areas 2 & 3 - Cable", 
  "location": "Chicago", 
  "mso": { "id": "08010", "name": "Comcast Corporation" }