Teams by organization


Returns a listing of all teams and associated metadata for one or more organizations.

Request Parameters




organizationId Yes Comma-separated list of organizationIds
imageSize No Requested size of image returned in preferredImage URI.
Valid values are: Sm, Md, Lg, Ms. See Image Sizing for details.
If not specified, defaults to Md.
If requested image size is not available, generic image will be returned.



24-character key obtained during application registration

Response Body



organizationId Resource identifier for organization
organizationName Name of organization; see Organization Metadata for listing of currently categorized organizations by sport.
preferredImage Organization logo, if available; see Image Metadata for details
teams List of teams associated with organization (for team sports only)
teamBrandId Resource identifier for team
sportsId Resource identifier for sport
teamBrandName Team name
nickName Team nickname
properName Proper name of team
abbreviation Team abbreviation
university Object with the following university metadata (included only if team is associated with a college or university, and university info is available)
universityId Resource identifier for university
universityName University name

Sample Request

Sample Response

    "organizationName": "NBA Basketball",
    "preferredImage": {
        "width": "360",
        "height": "270",
        "uri": "assets/o19_l_h3_aa.png",
        "category": "Logo",
        "primary": "true"
    "organizationId": 19,
    "teams": [{
        "teamBrandId": "421",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Philadelphia 76ers",
        "nickName": "76ers",
        "properName": "Philadelphia",
        "abbreviation": "PHI"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "401",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Boston Celtics",
        "nickName": "Celtics",
        "properName": "Boston",
        "abbreviation": "BOS"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "411",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Los Angeles Clippers",
        "nickName": "Clippers",
        "properName": "Los Angeles",
        "abbreviation": "LAC"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "428",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Utah Jazz",
        "nickName": "Jazz",
        "properName": "Utah",
        "abbreviation": "UT"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "412",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Los Angeles Lakers",
        "nickName": "Lakers",
        "properName": "Los Angeles",
        "abbreviation": "LAL"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "426",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Oklahoma City Thunder",
        "nickName": "Thunder",
        "properName": "Oklahoma City",
        "abbreviation": "OKC"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "423",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Portland Trail Blazers",
        "nickName": "Trail Blazers",
        "properName": "Portland",
        "abbreviation": "POR"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "422",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Phoenix Suns",
        "nickName": "Suns",
        "properName": "Phoenix",
        "abbreviation": "PHX"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "407",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Detroit Pistons",
        "nickName": "Pistons",
        "properName": "Detroit",
        "abbreviation": "DET"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "429",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Washington Wizards",
        "nickName": "Wizards",
        "properName": "Washington",
        "abbreviation": "WAS"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "409",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Houston Rockets",
        "nickName": "Rockets",
        "properName": "Houston",
        "abbreviation": "HOU"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "419",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "New York Knicks",
        "nickName": "Knicks",
        "properName": "New York",
        "abbreviation": "NY"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "404",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Cleveland Cavaliers",
        "nickName": "Cavaliers",
        "properName": "Cleveland",
        "abbreviation": "CLE"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "408",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Golden State Warriors",
        "nickName": "Warriors",
        "properName": "Golden State",
        "abbreviation": "GS"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "7277",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Brooklyn Nets",
        "nickName": "Nets",
        "properName": "Brooklyn"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "413",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Memphis Grizzlies",
        "nickName": "Grizzlies",
        "properName": "Memphis",
        "abbreviation": "MEM"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "410",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Indiana Pacers",
        "nickName": "Pacers",
        "properName": "Indiana",
        "abbreviation": "IND"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "416",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Minnesota Timberwolves",
        "nickName": "Timberwolves",
        "properName": "Minnesota",
        "abbreviation": "MIN"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "405",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Dallas Mavericks",
        "nickName": "Mavericks",
        "properName": "Dallas",
        "abbreviation": "DAL"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "420",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Orlando Magic",
        "nickName": "Magic",
        "properName": "Orlando",
        "abbreviation": "ORL"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "7766",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "New Orleans Pelicans",
        "nickName": "Pelicans",
        "properName": "New Orleans",
        "abbreviation": "NO"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "403",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Chicago Bulls",
        "nickName": "Bulls",
        "properName": "Chicago",
        "abbreviation": "CHI"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "406",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Denver Nuggets",
        "nickName": "Nuggets",
        "properName": "Denver",
        "abbreviation": "DEN"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "427",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Toronto Raptors",
        "nickName": "Raptors",
        "properName": "Toronto",
        "abbreviation": "TOR"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "400",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Atlanta Hawks",
        "nickName": "Hawks",
        "properName": "Atlanta",
        "abbreviation": "ATL"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "414",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Miami Heat",
        "nickName": "Heat",
        "properName": "Miami",
        "abbreviation": "MIA"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "425",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "San Antonio Spurs",
        "nickName": "Spurs",
        "properName": "San Antonio",
        "abbreviation": "SA"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "424",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Sacramento Kings",
        "nickName": "Kings",
        "properName": "Sacramento",
        "abbreviation": "SAC"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "415",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Milwaukee Bucks",
        "nickName": "Bucks",
        "properName": "Milwaukee",
        "abbreviation": "MIL"
    }, {
        "teamBrandId": "8210",
        "sportsId": "59",
        "teamBrandName": "Charlotte Hornets",
        "nickName": "Hornets",
        "properName": "Charlotte"