Airing Metadata

Field / object





program metadata; where available, 'includeDetail' parameter can be used to expand or restrict program metadata



specified in UTC, offset must be applied for display in local time

endTime DateTime specified in UTC, offset must be applied for display in local time
ratings Rating [ ] ratings body, code and subrating (e.g., body=MPAA, code=PG-13 subrating=Language|Dialog); provided for US and Canadian ratings boards and subrating. Not available for all airings.
qualifiers string [ ] comma-separated list of program qualifiers/notes (e.g., CC, Stereo, Live, New, HDTV); see Schedule Qualifiers for more information
channels string [ ] comma-separated list of channels on which this program airing will appear
duration number defined as the schedule window duration of the program; in minutes and includes commercial time
station Station object with the following properties:
callSign string station call letters (e.g., WGN)
stationId string numeric station identifier
preferredImage Image station logo, if available; otherwise, generic logo

Example 1 - Episode Airing

  "ratings":[{ "body":"USA Parental Rating", "code":"TVPG" }],
    "title":"Teen Titans Go!",
    "episodeTitle":"Brain Food; In and Out",
    "genres":["Children", "Adventure", "Animated"],
    "longDescription":"Beast Boy makes the other Titans dumber so that he can be the \"smart one\"; when he infiltrates Hive Tower to destroy it, Robin gets distracted by its awesomeness.",
    "shortDescription":"Beast Boy makes the other Titans dumber; Robin infiltrates Hive Tower.",
    "topCast":["Scott Menville","Hynden Walch","Tara Strong"],
      "width":"240", "height":"360",
      "text":"yes", "primary":"true",

Example 2 - Movie Airing

  "ratings":[{ "body":"USA Parental Rating", "code":"TV14" }],
    "subType":"Feature Film",
    "title":"Safety Not Guaranteed",
    "longDescription":"A disaffected magazine intern (Aubrey Plaza) befriends an unusual guy (Mark Duplass), who is looking for a partner to accompany him on a trip back through time.",
    "shortDescription":"A magazine intern (Aubrey Plaza) befriends a guy (Mark Duplass) who aspires to travel back in time.",
    "topCast":["Aubrey Plaza", "Mark Duplass", "Jake M. Johnson"],
    "directors":[ "Colin Trevorrow" ],
    "qualityRating":{"ratingsBody":"TMS", "value":"3" },
      "caption":{ "content":"Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)", "lang":"en" },
      "category":"Poster Art",
      "text":"yes", "primary":"true"

Example 3 - Sports Airing


    "startTime": "2016-05-24T14:00Z",
    "endTime": "2016-05-24T17:00Z",
    "duration": 180,
    "qualifiers": ["Subject to blackout"],
    "channels": ["331"],
    "program": {
        "tmsId": "SP003376400000",
        "rootId": "12532569",
        "seriesId": "191273",
        "organizationId": "17",
        "sportsId": "58",
        "teams": [{
            "teamBrandId": "7",
            "name": "Cincinnati Reds"
        }, {
            "teamBrandId": "15",
            "name": "Los Angeles Dodgers",
            "isHome": true
        "subType": "Sports event",
        "title": "MLB Baseball",
        "eventTitle": "Cincinnati Reds at Los Angeles Dodgers",
        "releaseYear": 2016,
        "releaseDate": "2016-05-23",
        "origAirDate": "2016-05-23",
        "gameDate": "2016-05-23",
        "gameTime": "19:00:00-07:00",
        "gameTimeZone": "Pacific Observing",
        "titleLang": "en",
        "descriptionLang": "en",
        "entityType": "Sports",
        "genres": ["Baseball"],
        "longDescription": "From Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.",
        "shortDescription": "From Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.",
        "season": {
            "content": "2016",
            "type": "Reg"
        "preferredImage": {
            "width": "240",
            "height": "360",
            "uri": "",
            "category": "Banner-LO",
            "text": "yes",
            "primary": "true",
            "tier": "Sport"
    "stationId": "87023",
    "station": {
        "stationId": "87023",
        "callSign": "SNLA",
        "preferredImage": {
            "uri": ""
        "channel": "331"