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Gracenote Data Delivery APIs

Why Gracenote Data Delivery APIs?

The new entertainment landscape is characterized by two distinct challenges:  rapidly-changing availability of video content across multiple platforms and sheer growth in the volume of metadata required to support navigational guides. As a result, traditional daily datasets and customer-owned infrastructure are not always practical. Many service providers do not have the resources to ingest, store, manage and deliver Gracenote metadata across their various device platforms, and more timely data exchange is necessary for content providers and distributors alike.

  • Data Delivery APIs enable your team to focus on creating entertainment guidance applications with dependable and reliable access to complete Gracenote metadata.
  • Integrate online and OTT video content and capabilities into your video product offerings - on screen, online and on companion devices with Online Video Data.
  • Flexibility to quickly build compelling applications without having to create the infrastructure needed to house and manage large data sets
  • Complex logic is built into the APIs. Enables you to develop your app, not business logic.
  • Reduces complexity and managed costs to your team can begin accessing and evaluating the service immediately
  • Avoid the latency associated with large file ingestion, storage and dissemination to customer infrastructure platforms

Data Delivery Features

  • Robust set of APIs that enable access to On® global database of entertainment metadata
  • Fully hosted data on commercial-grade platform delivered directly to client devices
  • API parameters and return data sets designed to meet the needs of mobile developers
  • Quick start capabilities for customers including intuitive self-service tools and comprehensive documentation

Data Delivery APIs include:

Public Plan (subject to our Terms and Conditions)

  • Movies airing on TV by Day
  • Airings of Sports Events by Day
  • Movies Playing in Local Theatres
  • New Shows Airing on TV by Day

Sample Plan (Requires approval, Public set plus:)

  • Airings of Celebrities
  • Airings of Sports Non-Events
  • All Airings for a Lineup (TV Grid)
  • Celebrity Details
  • Find Lineups by Postal Code
  • Lineup Channel List
  • Movie Airings
  • Organization Airings
  • OVD Movies
  • OVD Multiple Episode
  • OVD Series
  • OVD Single Episode
  • Program Airings
  • Program Details
  • Program Search
  • Series Airings
  • Series Details
  • Series Episodes
  • Sports Genres
  • Sports with Optional Organizations
  • Station Lookup with Airings
  • Theatre List
  • Theatre Showtimes
  • Theatres and Showtimes by Movie

R&D/Commercial Plan (Requires contract, Sample set plus:)

  • Advance Planner
  • Celebrities Appearing on Talk Shows by Day
  • Future Releases
  • Movie Versions
  • New Shows that Aired in the Last Week
  • Station details
  • Team Airings
  • Teams in an Organization
  • University with Optional Teams
  • Team Airings
  • Teams in an Organization
  • Lineup Details