Migration Changelog - v1.1

As issues are found and fixed during v1.1 migration period, they will be noted here for reference.


Issue Method Issue Description

Projected release date 

447 Team Details Missing tier on preferred image TBD
446 Sports with optional orgs Missing tier on organization images
445 Program Images Missing size and aspect of some images TBD
442 Celebrity Images Missing credits for some celebrity ids TBD
436 Station Details Missing logos for some stations TBD
411 Movie Airings Missing ratings TBD
Fixed Issues
441 Programs Missing team elements Fixed - 5/8
423 Program Search Hit count issues Fixed - 5/8
422 Sports Organizations Missing teams Fixed - 5/8
421 Program Details Id output is "root" instead of "rootId" Fixed - 5/8
418 Lineups Missing lineups - GBR Fixed - 5/8
405 Program Search Search with lineups does not work Fixed - 5/8
401 Organization Airings empty response for most calls Fixed - 5/8
396 Team Details Missing logos Fixed - 5/8
395 Program Images Undocumented image size in results (size h14) Fixed - 5/8
393 Program Images Season level banners not being returned Fixed - 5/8
143 Celebrity Images Missing field Fixed - 5/8
392 Program Details Missing team in teams element Fixed 4/21
389 Series Episodes Episodes not sorted Fixed - 4/21
380 Series Episodes Hit count when parameter such as season is used is incorrect. Fixed - 3/31
378 New Shows that Aired Last Week Missing top cast. Fixed - 3/31
374 Program Details Program details missing sports data. Fixed - 3/31
372 Advanced Planner Missing event codes Fixed - 4/21
368 Program Details Season numbers are incorrect or incomplete. Fixed - 3/31
364 Team Airings Not displaying 14 days of airings data. Fixed - 3/18
363 Celebrity Details Add new entityType field with values and make upper, lower case consistent with other responses. Fixed - 3/18
362 Program Search Defaults to English results; need to specify language in language parameter to retrieve programs in additional languages. Fixed - 3/18
358 Program Images Missing images in program images call that are present in Program Details. Fixed - 3/18
355 Series Episodes Return all episodes of a superseries when top-level seriesId is specified. Fixed - 3/18
354 Lineup Airings Missing secondary AffiliateIds in response. Fixed - 3/31
353 Program Search Not all search parameters function properly. Fixed - 3/18
352 Program Search Program search with lineupId parameter returns 500 server error. Fixed - 3/18
348 Celebrity Images Missing images. Fixed - 3/31
346 Station Airings Missing channel field. Fixed - 3/18
345 Program Search Search with endDate returns zero results. Fixed - 3/18
344 Program Details Missing animation field. Fixed - 3/18
342 Lineups Airings Missing organizationId and missing or wrong entityType. Fixed - 3/18
341 Lineup Airings Lineup airings call with stationId - missing channel field. Fixed - 3/18
340 Airings of Sports Non-events Missing top cast field. Fixed - 3/18
339 Airing of Sports Events Missing images in the response. Fixed - 3/18
337 Advanced Planner Wrong program in the response; programs other than english language being returned. Fixed - 3/18
336 Advanced Planner Notable episode missing in the response. Fixed - 3/18
335 Station Airings,
Program details 
Program field 'isHome', used to denote home team on sports events, is incorrectly returned as string value in v1.1.  This field will be corrected to boolean as found in v1. Fixed - 2/26
333 Series Details Series with seasonal title changes (e.g., American Horror Story: Coven) can return incorrect series details, giving single season data rather than series data.  Fixed - 2/26
332 Celebrity Details credits.type in v1.1 should be corrected to reflect program.entityType ('Show', 'Movie') to match v1 response; currently contains program.subType. Note that type is now capitalized in v1.1 response, for consistency with entityType in other responses. Fixed - 2/26

Lineup channel listing,
Lineup Airings (TV Grid) 

Sort order of channels incorrect for some OTA lineups; channels with minor number (X.x) being sorted after major numbers (X) Fixed - 2/26
328 Program Search When lineupId included for program search on schedule, returning 500 server error. Fixed - 2/26
327 Future releases Missing USA releases. Fixed - 3/18
320 Celebrities on Talk Shows by Day Missing data fields. Fixed - 3/18
317 Future Releases Language parameters (titleLang, descriptionLang) not filtering releases correctly Fixed - 2/26
309 Program Details Sports events returning generic team logos; should not return team images. Fixed - 2/26
308 Schedule ratings Schedule ratings currently showing eyeQ version of ratings body and code; ratings will be fixed to mirror v1 output. Fixed - 2/26
289 Celebrity Details Preferred image sometimes incorrectly returning cast ensemble instead of headshot. Fixed - 2/26
Program Search Limit parameter not limiting resultset.
Fixed - 2/26
275 Program Details and Program Images
Missing field episodeImage. Fixed - 3/31
266 Celebrity Details Celeb data missing middle name (name.middle). Fixed - 2/26
262 Program Search Data fields included in search should be as documented: title, description, cast, directors, genres, keywords.  The episodeTitle field should not be included in search.  Fixed - 2/26
258 Celebrity Details invalid personId not returning an error. Fixed - 3/18
244, 206 New Shows that Aired Last Week Missing programs in the response. Fixed - 3/18
242 Find Lineups Swedish lineupIds not found using postalcode. Fixed - 3/18
220, 218 Program details
Movie version 
Program fields 'audience', 'holiday', and 'animation' are missing from response. Fixed - 3/18
Celebrities on Talk Shows
by Day
Guest data missing celeb ids (personId, nameId).
Fixed - 2/26
142 Find Lineups National' lineups available countrywide are missing from GBR searches.  Fixed - 3/31