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Getting started with OnConnect is easy.  Offering access to more than 30 different data-delivery API methods, OnConnect gives application developers reliable, flexible, and scalable delivery of Gracenote's industry-leading On® TV Entertainment metadata.

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OnConnect Access Plans



  • Movies Playing in Local Theatres
  • New Shows Airing on TV by Day
  • Airings of Sports Events by Day
  • Movie Airings on TV by Day

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  • Airings of Celebrities
  • Airings of Sports Non-Events
  • Celebrity Details
  • Find Lineups by Postal Code
  • Lineup - Details and Channel List
  • Programs - Search, Genres, Airings, Details
  • Program Images
  • Series - Airings, Details, Episodes, Genres
  • Theatre - List, Details, Showtimes, Theatres & Showtimes by Movie
  • Online Video Data
  • Online Social Data



  • Advance Planner (TV)
  • Celebrity Images
  • Future Releases (Movies)
  • Movies Versions
  • Celebrities Appearing on Talk Shows by Day
  • New Shows that Aired in the Last Week
  • Universities with Optional Teams
  • Team Details
  • Team Airings
  • Teams in an Organization

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