ScreenPlay Trailers


Returns ScreenPlay trailers for specified movies. A customer agreement with ScreenPlay is required for authorized access of this data. TMS will link your ScreenPlay vendor ID number to your TMS API key for production use.

Request Parameters






Comma-separated list of TMS rootIds, representing title(s) for which trailers are requested.



Comma-separated list of biterateids, to retrieve specific encode bitrates. If omitted, all encode bitrates available for the vendorId will be returned. See table below for ScreenPlay encode bitrates.



Allows filtering by video asset type. Valid values are 0 or 1.
0 (default) returns trailers and extras.
1 returns only trailers.

ScreenPlay classifies video assets as either Trailers or Extras. Extras may include excerpts, interviews, featurettes, music videos, or other promotional content supporting a title.



Allows result filtering by languages.
See table below for ScreenPlay language codes.
If omitted, the default value is English (52).



Allows return of embeddable player link. Valid values are 0 or 1.
0 (default) returns 'bounce' links, which require the developer to supply a player appropriate for the encode format (i.e., a Flash or other player type).
1 returns an embeddable player link.

ScreenPlay player links are Flash/iOS/HTML5 compatible. The player may be customized for the publisher. Contact your ScreenPlay client services representative for customization options.



Allows ScreenPlay determination of single video asset.
Valid values are 0 or 1.
0 (default) returns all video assets for each specified rootId.
1 returns link for most recent trailer asset.



24-character key obtained during application registration

 Response Body




Title string Program title, corresponds to title of supplied rootids.
Description string Short description of asset
DateAdded string Date when asset was added to ScreenPlay content management system
Studio string Distributor for the asset
Year string Original release year of the program
EClipId string ScreenPlay unique asset identifier
TrailerTypeId number See table below for trailer types.
TrailerVersion number See table below for trailer versions.
LanguageName string Language name of asset content.
Runtime number Duration of the asset, in seconds
RatingId number See table below for trailer ratings.
Value is the MPAA rating for the trailer or clip.  This is not the MPAA of the program itself.
ReleaseType number See table below for release types.
Distinguishes 'pre-street' from 'post-street' from generic (non-specific) promotions.
BitrateId number See table below for encode bitrates. Identifies the format and size of the individual video or jpg linked in the URL
FormatId number See table below for encode formats.
RootId number Root ID (TMS-based)
Url string Asset URL; based on player_url parameter.
If player_url is true, the URL redirects to an embeddable ScreenPlay player.
If player_url is false, a URL is provided for each encode bitrate returned by the API call. These URLs are also referred to as 'bounce' links, each providing a redirect to the asset.

Sample Request

Sample Response

  "meta": {
    "status": 200,
    "msg": "OK"
  "response": {
    "trailers": [
        "Title": "Man of Steel",
        "Description": "[Trailer for Man of Steel]",
        "DateAdded": "2012-12-12",
        "Studio": "Warner Bros. Pictures",
        "Year": "2013",
        "EClipId": "e121166",
        "TrailerTypeId": 2,
        "TrailerVersion": 2,
        "LanguageName": "English",
        "Runtime": 150,
        "RatingId": 30,
        "ReleaseType": 2,
        "BitrateId": 312,
        "FormatId": 10,
        "RootId": 9259673,
        "Url": ""

Encode Bitrates

ID Description Dimensions Aspect
10 300k Windows Media Stream 320 x 240 4x3
214 700k Windows Media Stream 480 x 360 4x3
267 JPEG Thumbnail Image 250 x 200 4x3
268 JPEG Thumbnail Image 150 x 120 4x3
269 JPEG Thumbnail Image 112 x 90 4x3
270 JPEG Thumbnail Image 75 x 60 4x3
308 300k Flash V8 Progressive Download 320 x 240 4x3
310 700k Flash V8 Progressive Download 480 x 360 4x3
312 300k Flash V8 Progressive Download 320 x 180 16x9
314 700k Flash V8 Progressive Download 480 x 270 16x9
382 JPEG Thumbnail Image 480 x 360 4x3
449 h.264 2.3Mbps mp4 HD Widescreen 1280 x 720 16x9
452 h.264 300k mp4 Fullscreen 320 x 240 4x3
455 h.264 700k mp4 Fullscreen 480 x 360 4x3
456 h.264 112k 3gp Fullscreen 176 x 132 4x3
457 h.264 300k mp4 Widescreen 320 x 180 16x9
460 h.264 112k 3gp Widescreen 176 x100 16x9
461 h.264 700k mp4 Widescreen 480 x 270 16x9
471 h.264 1mbps mp4 Fullscreen 640 x 480 4x3
472 h.264 1mbps mp4 Widescreen 640 x 360 16x9

Encode Formats

ID Description Filename Extension
2 Windows Media Stream asf
8 QuickTime Download mov
9 JPEG Image jpg
10 Adobe Flash Download flv
19 Cell Phone 3GP 3gp
20 QuickTime 7 / Flash V9 Compatible (h.264) mp4

Trailer Types

ID Type Description
0 Not Set (Unwatched) Not set
1 Home Video Asset for a home video release
2 Theatrical Asset for a theatrical release
20 Open-ended Generic asset suitable for any release
21 Video Game Video game asset
22 TV Trailer Trailer for a TV program
23 Music Video Music video asset

Trailer Versions

ID Version Description
0 Not Set (Unwatched) Not set
1 Trailer Trailer
2 Extra (Clip) Non-trailer asset (clip, interview, etc.)

Trailer Ratings

ID Rating Description
0 Not Set Not set
29 Redband Approved for appropriate audiences
30 Greenband Approved for restricted or mature audiences
34 Not Rated Unrated

Release Types

ID Type Description
0 Not Set Not set
1 Generic No release type indicated
2 Pre-Street Asset promoting upcoming release
3 Post-Street Asset promoting available release

Language Codes

ID Language ID Language
0 Not Set 108 Japanese
1 Afrikaans - South Africa 110 Kannada
2 Albanian 112 Kazakh
4 Arabic 114 Konkani
21 Armenian 116 Korean
23 Azeri 118 Kyrgyz
26 Basque 120 Latvian
28 Belarusian 122 Lithuanian
30 Bulgarian 124 Macedonian
32 Catalan 126 Malay
37 Chinese (Simplified) 129 Marathi
40 Chinese (Traditional) 131 Mongolian
41 Croatian 133 Norwegian
43 Czech 136 Polish
45 Danish 138 Portuguese
47 Dhivehi 141 Punjabi
49 Dutch 143 Romanian
50 Dutch - Belgium 145 Russian
51 Dutch - The Netherlands 147 Sanskrit
52 English 151 Slovak
66 Estonian 153 Slovenian
68 Faroese 155 Spanish
70 Farsi 175 Swahili
72 Finnish 177 Swedish
74 French 180 Syriac
76 French - Canada 182 Tamil
81 Galician 184 Tatar
83 Georgian 186 Telugu
85 German 188 Thai
91 Greek 190 Turkish
93 Gujarati 192 Ukrainian
95 Hebrew 194 Urdu
97 Hindi 196 Uzbek
99 Hungarian 199 Vietnamese
101 Icelandic 202 Spanish - Latin America
103 Indonesian 203 Spanish - Castilian
105 Italian 204 Persian