TV Sports Data APIs


Designed with the TV experience in mind and bolstered by Gracenote’s long track record of providing video data at scale, Gracenote TV Sports Data enables pay-TV operators and smart device makers to create rich and dynamic sports entertainment experiences that drive tune-in and engagement from pre-game through post-game.

This set of APIs is designed for the ingestion of sports event data with links to Gracenote program IDs.

The APIs are designed to enable an initial database population and subsequent on-demand updates of referential sports data.

The responses are currently available in XML.


  • The database provides Gracenote event IDs and event related metadata, allowing flexible slicing and dicing of data for events, organizations, persons, etc. and associating those events to related TV programs and statistical data.
  • Currently includes MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Men’s Basketball and international soccer.
  • In TV Sports Data, a mapping will be exposed between Gracenote program IDs and various Gracenote sports related IDs.

TV Sports Data API Requests

Base URL -

Sample Call –[your_api_key]


API method suffix



Sports (baseball, football, etc.)


Sports events (games, races, tournaments, seasons and season phases)


Sport organizations (teams, leagues, conferences and divisions)


Sport event participants and event level data (teams, persons, venues)


Sports venues / arenas

/Persons Sports people (players, officials)
/RelatedPrograms Sports entities are mapped to programs with TMS root IDs for related content such as the airings of games, pregame shows, postgame shows, etc.


Common request parameters

  • updateId (required): Token-based update retrieval.  Updates will be retrieved beginning with specified updateId value.  For full seeding, specify updateId=0.  Increment max updateId by one to retrieve next set of updated records.
  • limit: Maximum number of objects to retrieve, for processing predictable batch sizes.  Each iteration would retain limit number for same batch size.