Global Video Data (GVD)


Global Pay TV operators, device manufacturers and online services often face challenges sourcing entertainment data for diverse regional markets as they launch products internationally. Access to local TV schedules and descriptive data for movies and TV programs on a global scale is critical to expanding their international footprints.

Global Video Data (GVD) is the premier source for worldwide TV and movie metadata. Gracenote customers can tap into this single, comprehensive video data set to strengthen their international presence and develop innovative new products to ship globally.

At its core, GVD features information and imagery for millions of TV programs internationally. A standard data format and Gracenote IDs enable connections between TV schedule and on-demand content, turbo-charging search and discovery experiences for viewers.

Explore the interactive GVD APIs here: GVD API Explorer

View the documentation here: GVD Documentation.

TechNote: How to Build a Program Database (PDF)

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