Gracenote Sports - Scores and Statistics

Feed Summary


Live scores feeds contain the state of the live competition. The time between data entry and the updated XML feed should be very small, so customers have access to updates almost immediately. Live scores feeds are arranged so that there is one file per competition. This competition file will then be updated every time there are changes. The file always contains the complete, up-to-date state of the competition. Old competition files remain on the server for two days before being automatically removed.


Standings feed include up to date standings for all of the teams in a league. That stat groups include statistics relative to how the team fairs in the overall, home/away, conference, division, and post-season.


The results feeds are similar to the schedule feeds, but contain only completed competitions. For team sports, the final score of the competition is included. For Golf tournaments, the winning entry is included. For NASCAR races, the pole and winning drivers are included.


Player feeds contain player listings by team, season and league. Players have full detail and season information. For NASCAR, this information is provided under the label 'driver feeds'.


Team feeds contain the team listing for the season per league. Teams have full detail and season information.


Boxscore feeds contain both the current in-progress game results as well as the complete post-competition results. There is one boxscore file per competition which is created shortly after the official information becomes available.


League leaders in various calculated statistics such as best and worst batting average, RBIs and more. Specific to each sport.


This feed includes play-by-play data for pre-season, regular season, playoff and all-star games for MLB.