Find Venue by Venue ID


API to return the sport venue(s) for the specific venue ID.

Response Schema: /

Request Parameters

Parameter Mandatory Description
venueId Yes

If you already have a venue's GN id, you can use that to find the venue.

accept Yes

Choose between XML and JSON for the response..

fields No Allows you to return the id(s) and a specific field(s) in the response. In the case of venues, this is limited to "names".

Response Body




Unique Gracenote id for the venue.


Container for external ids to connect to data in other Gracenote APIs and/or legacy data.

supplier Name of the supplier (e.g. sportsdirect, infostrada, onsports, tms) of the xid.
type The description of the supplier's id keyspace.
id The supplier's id for the associated entity.
name The name(s) of the venue.
type The type of name for the venue (e.g. DEFAULT, SHORT).
value The value for the type of name for the venue (e.g. Yankee Stadium)
location The location for the venue.
city The city for the venue.
state The state for the venue, if applicable.
country The country for the venue.


Sample Request


Sample Response

                    <value>Yankee Stadium</value>
                <city>New York, NY</city>
                <country>United States</country>