Find Images by SportsEvent ID


API to return the image(s) for a specific Sports Event ID.

The images that are associated with sports events are banners specific to the match, league season, tournament, etc.

Response Schema: /

Request Parameters

Parameter Mandatory Description Example(s) 
sportsEventId Yes

If you already have a sport event’s GN id you can use that to find the image.

accept Yes

Choose between XML and JSON for the response..

skip No Indicate the number of results to skip in the response.
limit No Indicate the maximum number of results in the response.
include No Allows you to "include" full information for an applicable entity in the response.  For example, including "sportsEventId" will add all of the data for the sports event (id, description, status, state etc.) for the associated sportEventId in the reponse. 
fields No Allows you to return the id(s) and a specific field(s) in the response. In the case of images, this is not applicable.

Response Body




Unique Gracenote id for the image.

update_id The update id for the image.
update_action The update action for the image.
update_date The update date and time for the image.
key Image data description (e.g. image_height, image_width).
value The value of the image data.
url The url for the image.
entity_id The Gracenote id for the entity associated with the image.
entity_type The type of entity that the image is associated with (e.g. sports_event, sports_event_participant).
type The type of image (e.g. banner, player_headshot, team_logo, venue_interior).
style The style of the image, if applicable. If not, "default".


Sample Response