Find Sports Actions by SportsEvent ID


API to return the sport action(s) for the specific Sports Event ID.

Some actions exist as a hierarchy where actions have parent action id that they belong to, and a sequence to order the child events.

Actions can be used for a commentary on a specific play or as a running commentary or play-by-play for the match.

Response Schema: /

Request Parameters

Parameter Mandatory Description Example(s) 
sportsEventId Yes

If you already have a sport event’s GN id you can use that to find the action.

accept Yes

Choose between XML and JSON for the response..

skip No Indicate the number of results to skip in the response.
limit No Indicate the maximum number of results in the response.
include No Allows you to "include" full information for an applicable entity in the response.  For example, including "sportsEventId" will add all of the data for the sports event (id, description, status, state etc.) for the associated sportEventId in the reponse. 
fields No Allows you to return the id(s) and a specific field(s) in the response. In the case of actions, this is not applicable.

Response Body




Unique Gracenote id for the action.

meta Container for the update information.
update_date Update date and time for the action
type The type of action (e.g. play, substitution, shot_made, possession_turnover etc.)
sequence The sequence of an action within a play, or the sequence of a play in respect to the sports_event.
parent_action_id (if applicable) If a child action, the Gracenote ID for the parent action.
sports_event_id The Gracenote ID for the sports event.
event_time The container for the timing of the action.
period number The period of the match in which the action took place.
time The time of the clock when the action took place.
event_participant_id The Gracenote ID for the event participant that is performing the action.
description The description of the action (e.g. Tyler Seguin shoots Saved by Craig Anderson.)
properties Only applicable to NFL actions. Provides more detailed information for an action such as the down, yards to go and challenges.
down If applicable, the down for which the action occurred on.
yards_to_go If applicable, the number of yards to go for a first down or until the goal line on the down for which the action occurred on.
yards_to_go_goal If applicable, whether or not the yards to go is for a first down (false) or for the goal line (true).
yard_line If applicable, the yard line on which the action started.
yard_line_alignment If applicable, the side of the field (Home or AWAY) on which the action started.
challenge_called_by_official If applicable, "true" or "false" for whether or not there was a challenge on the play.
challenge_play_reversed If applicable, "true" or "false" for whether or not tthe call on the play was reversed.


Sample Request

Retrieve the actions from the Ottawa-Dallas match on March 5th, 2018.


sportsEventId: GN41WQZYHMK1RXM


Sample Response


            <description>Brett Ritchie shoots Saved by Craig Anderson.</description>
            <description>Saved by Craig Anderson.</description>