On Entertainment Sports APIs


This set of APIs is designed for the ingestion of extended sports event data with links to Gracenote program IDs and SportsDirect Livescores feeds and other statistical data when available.

The APIs are designed to enable an initial database population and subsequent on-demand updates of referential sports data.

The responses are currently available in XML.

Sports Events Database

  • The sports events database provides Gracenote event IDs and event related metadata, allowing flexible slicing and dicing of event and team data associating those events to TV program airings, related shows and statistical data.
  • Currently includes Major League Baseball, NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball (Men and Women), NHL, NBA, MLS, English Premier League and Bundesliga data (events, teams and venues)
  • In the Sports Events Database, a mapping will be exposed between Gracenote event IDs and SportsDirect IDs.

Sports API Requests

Base URL - http://data.tmsapi.com/sports/v1/

Sample Call – http://data.tmsapi.com/sports/v1/Sports?updateId=0&api_key=[your_api_key]


API method suffix



Sports (baseball, football, etc.)


Sports events (games, races, tournaments)

/Organizations Instances of leagues, conferences and divisions.


Seasonal instances of leagues, conferences, divisions

/Teams Instances of teams.


Seasonal instances of teams


Sports venues / arenas

/Universities Instances of Universities.


Gracenote program ids mapped to sports ids


Common request parameters

  • updateId (required): Token-based update retrieval.  Updates will be retrieved beginning with specified updateId value.  For full seeding, specify updateId=0.  Increment max updateId by one to retrieve next set of updated records.
  • limit: Maximum number of objects to retrieve, for processing predictable batch sizes.  Each iteration would retain limit number for same batch size.
  • sportId:  Comma-separated list of sport identifiers; can be used to filter events,  organizationSeasons, and teamSeasons APIs.